Auto-Importing ALTA and USTA Division Standings

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Since it is such a pain to edit and insert in your points for your team’s division, we automatically import them now. We support this feature for all ALTA and USTA matches.

For ALTA teams, all the information is originally entered when you sign up your team. After your first match is played you will have the opportunity to start the import process. We will also auto-refresh the division stats 3 days AFTER the match date. Now this might not always be enough time for your hard working ALTA coordinator to get it posted to the website, so you can still manually edit the scores or captains can click on the refresh icons as well.

For version 2 of the ALTA division standings we would like to give the ability for the captain to include the matrix of which teams played which team so that it can be displayed with it so that it is easier to plan for future matches and playoffs.minimized division standings

For USTA teams, a player will need to enter in the USTA’s team league number (yes this number is kept private). Once the team number has been entered, the system will automatically import in the division standing. USTA’s division standing format is TOTALLY different and darn near impossible, without tooo much work, to enter it manually so we don’t even have that option. Like in ALTA we automatically refresh the point standing 3 days after the match is played and the captains can refresh them anytime.

To view the full standings for the entire division click on the “maximize” arrow and you will watch it grow right then to be able to view all the points.

This really is a great feature and we are excited to have finally finished it! FYI, we have already fixed the bug that was there for captains for a couple of days right after we launched the feature (only there when clicking refresh in IE6).

What does the standings look like when it is maximized? Here ya go:

Full Division Standings View

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