Auto-Nag your Players who haven’t set their Availability

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Do you happen to have a player or two that forgets to set their availability for matches? Now you can setup your team to automatically email those players that haven’t set their availability fAuto Nag Players who have not set their availbility or an upcoming match. The great thing is the captain(s) can create a custom email to the players with no set availability and even define the time before the scheduled match to send the email. Here is a screen shot of that area when creating/editing a team:

An example would be…. I want to send out an email 9 days before our next scheduled match to players who haven’t set their availability. My Email would look like this:


Please take 2 minutes and set your availability for upcoming matches on I would like to create the lineup ASAP.

Click here to login automatically into your account and click on “Set Availability” please.


NOTE: The personalized yellow highlighted text above will be INSERTED by TennisPoint when the email is sent. All that you need to do is put in your “generic” message and yes you can have fun with this message since the ONLY one that will see it is you and the “offending” player.

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