How do I get a cool picture in the Player Roster/Address Book?

Some people have some cool pictures in their personal profile… sometimes the pictures resemble their true looks and sometimes they resemble someone you think you can play like. Even though I have a full head of hair my profile image looks surprisingly like Andre Agassi — ok, so I would love to think I can play like Andre but that isn’t quite right either and I know Adidas won’t be calling me for an endorsement because of my playing talent either. Andre is a big inspiration though for me on and off the court!

So how did people get these cool pictures up there anyway? Here are the steps:

  1. Click on “My Profile” (top blue navigation bar, 2nd item)
  2. Find the form field “Upload Personal Image”
  3. Click on the “browse button” — assuming you have already picked out a cool image to upload
  4. Your computer will now have a “dialog box” where you can find the file you would like to upload. Select the file and click “upload or submit” (button name will vary by operating system)
  5. At the bottom of the form click on the button “Submit Profile Edits
  6. After clicking submit, it could take some time to upload based off your internet connection and size of the file

    Screen shot of your personal profile

Image Size: If you happen to upload a LARGE image just be aware that we will automatically scale the image you upload so that it only takes up X amount of space and is FAST for your fellow players to view.

Delete? You can delete the image anytime or you can also just upload a new one which will overwrite the existing image in your profile.

Have fun with your pictures and remember that your teammates will check them out ;o)