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ALTA Captains can now send out scorekeeper emails directly from the application. The form used to send out emails is still the same email form with now a place to record the scorekeepers email and have it saved for future use as well. Another great feature is the captain does not need to worry about giving out lineup details either, becuase the points reported are purely aggregated totals.

Example email:

Personalized email text from captain…

Enter Scorekeepers EmailMatch #3 on 6-15-2008

  • Terrell Mill TC [Smith]: 3 Pts
  • Avalon Tennis Center: 2 Pts

How do you send out this email:?

1. In the lineup grid click on Email Points/Lineup

2. Fill in the Scorekeepers Email

3. Enter in your email details (subject & body)

4. Select the Scorekeeper Email Radio Button at bottom and then click Send Email Button.

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