Voiceblast: Call your entire team with a single call!

People are very busy and unfortunately our players aren’t just hanging out next to their computers waiting for our emails. So how do you get out that important or inspiring message to your team? Thankfully everyone has a phone (yes, we know their could still be a few holdouts they don’t play tennis) and the quickest way to get that last minute message to your team is to call them! How do you call them all at once and not waste 20 minutes calling every player… you can use TennisPoint’s Voiceblast feature.

To voiceblast your team, all you do is call our toll-free 800 number and record your message which you would like to send out to your team. Voiceblaster walks you through recording your message to send to your team and even allows you to listen to it prior to sending and re-record if desired. Once you are happy with your message and send it to all your players, TennisPoint’s Voiceblaster calls everyone immediately and plays back your recorded message.

  • If you have multiple teams on TennisPoint, no problem – it prompts you up front for which team you would like to voiceblast.
  • If you already have a lineup for an upcoming match, you can choose to only call those in the lineup or call the entire team.
  • Your recorded message is also left for their voice mail just in case they don’t answer it.

You can purchase Voiceblast credits in quantities as small as 3 blasts and up to 60 blasts. The credits never expire, so be sure you have have them when you need them.

“Hey all, remember we are playing at X place this coming Saturday”

“Hey all, good luck with the match this Saturday while I am out of town!”

“Guys, we are playing on courts 4 & 5 in this massive complex in the back corner when you get here.

“With the pouring rain we are canceled for today. Please send me an email with your availability this week and if you are out of town.”

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