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Rain is inevitable in the Fall and Spring and we have now enabled a rain mode to help with this. Rain mode will enable the team to keep up with when & where the rain makeup match will take place. For instance, if you had a match this past Saturday when it was raining cats and dogs outside and the tennis courts were not going to get played anytime soon; then you could click “ Active Rain Mode” and be able to set the new match date, time and location of the match. This makeup information is by individual line as well since normally not all are available on the same date/time.

Below are the screen shots for what happens:
1. After I click on the link Activate Rain Mode, then I am present with a form for each of the lines to enter the makeup date, time and place (only show a couple lines to demonstrate below).
Activate Rain Mode

2. After I set the new makeup match date, match time and playing facility, then I get to see when it is. Plus, all my teammates know when and where to show up to cheer on our victory:
Rain Makeup Match Set

You will notice in the picture above that I am also able to edit this at anytime if it changes. FYI, the only captains, co-captains and team coaches (if you have one setup) can activate rain mode on the team. Plus each player at a line can set their new makeup times but ONLY for the line they are playing.

Got any help with our opponent captains — yes, we have a another nice time saver there as well. Since majority of the time each line arranges their makeup matches independently, we have created another email which will send the player’s contact information to the opposing captain to help get the scheduling started. Below is a screen shot of of this email and you will notice that you can choose to email based off the line as well.
Email Player Contact Info

Hopefully we will have LOTS of sunshine but just in case you can now be more informed with TennisPoint’s Rain Mode.

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