New to TennisPoint? All you need to know as a player…

With the fall tennis seasons getting ready to kick off, we wanted to give all those who are new to TennisPoint a quick bullet list about how to get setup for team on TennisPoint.

1. Sign Up for a TennisPoint Account – this step is very easy and costs nothing. Our goal is to really just ask for the key information that helps create the best experience on TennisPoint. For instance, some wonder why we ask for your address — we do this so that we can provide google maps driving directions from your house to the away matches. Why do we ask for phone number… your captain really wants this ;o) Several other items for captain as well like your court side / playing preference (doubles/singles) are there to help your team win.

Remember you only ever need 1 TennisPoint account regardless of the team, season, year or league… everything is managed in 1 single account.

2. Log into your account – Once logged into your account, the site should already have found your team and you should be viewing it. If your captain hasn’t created the team’s schedule yet on TennisPoint you will see a view like this:
Team with no schedule yet

If your captain has already created the team’s schedule, you will see a list of the individual matches (when viewing from the “matches & teams” top navigation tab).

3. Set Availability – Yes, your team has a schedule and now it is time to tell your captain when you are available to play. Set Availability

Save your captain some stress and keep your availability updated — plus it only takes 2 minutes to tell your captains when you are available to play.

4. Confirm your good in the lineup — After a lineup has been created for a match, if you are in the lineup you are able to mark on the site that you are good to play and will be there. Most captains will also send out a match confirmation email, which provides you the links directly into your account to confirm for the upcoming match:

Match Confirmation in Email

After you click on the “Yes, I am Ready to Play” link in the image above you will be automatically logged into your account and confirmed for the match – simple and easy! If you aren’t available, you can click that too and an email will be generated to your captains alerting them of this.

5. Play and have lots of fun! Yes, as a player the only thing left is to play and have a great time!

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