Auto-Nag your Players who haven’t set their Availability

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Do you happen to have a player or two that forgets to set their availability for matches? Now you can setup your team to automatically email those players that haven’t set their availability fAuto Nag Players who have not set their availbility or an upcoming match. The great thing is the captain(s) can create a custom email to the players with no set availability and even define the time before the scheduled match to send the email. Here is a screen shot of that area when creating/editing a team:

An example would be…. I want to send out an email 9 days before our next scheduled match to players who haven’t set their availability. My Email would look like this:


Please take 2 minutes and set your availability for upcoming matches on I would like to create the lineup ASAP.

Click here to login automatically into your account and click on “Set Availability” please.


NOTE: The personalized yellow highlighted text above will be INSERTED by TennisPoint when the email is sent. All that you need to do is put in your “generic” message and yes you can have fun with this message since the ONLY one that will see it is you and the “offending” player.

How helps Create Lineups for ALTA Playoffs

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Well for those teams that are making it into ALTA playoffs… CONGRATS!!! For the teams that have made it to the playoffs before know that ALTA uses averages of the line numbers each player has previously played — when you win a line, you get the number for that line and if you lost, you add a .5 to it. For instance, if a player played line 1 and won the first week and played line 1 the second week and lost, the player would have a calculation like this: (1 + 1.5)/2 = 1.25 for that players average.

When creating each line, you take the averages from all the previous matches played for both of that players at that line combined.

To some this may seem a little complicated. The great thing is handles all the playoff calculations for you.

If you want to view the averages for all your players or even export the numbers to an Excel Spreadsheet, go to the “Create Lineup” or “Edit Lineup” page and click on the “View ALTA Playoff Numbers” link. You will then get a page like this:

ALTA Playoff Numbers for Each Player

Normally the captain has to take the numbers above (from image) and put them into a spreadsheet and spend tooooo many hours playing with the lineup to ensure all the “player averages” are in the correct order — smallest to largest. makes creating your playoff lineups VERY simple and painless as well! If you would like to start planning BEFORE you have your playoff schedule from the coordinator, edit your schedule and put in a facility for the first playoff (remember you can edit it once the coordinator give you your official competitor without affecting lineups). After you submit your changes to the schedule, (the addition of the facility name for playoffs) you will notice that Playoff 1 shows up in your “all matches” view. Now when you click on Create Lineup you will notice the ALTA playoff Numbers in there based off the players you choose. Here is a snippet of the create lineup:

Automatically Caclulate ALTA\'s Playoff Averages by the Line

FYI, the demo account has already had the schedule updated so that the Playoff 1 is visible in there (it has a facility name for the competitor). Feel free to play around with the account since the data is reset every hour.

Any questions about the creation of lineups for playoffs let us know.

Regards, Staff

Have to Default a line?

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We have all been there before when you have to default a line… sometimes a few too many are on vacation. Tennispoint makes it easy now for you to still create a lineup and correctly show the default without any players getting mad at you for having them in there.

When you you select the players in the drop down for creating a lineup look at the VERY bottom of the list. You will notice a player call “Defaulting Line”. Select the defaulting line player for both of the entries if it is a doubles line. FYI, no sandbagging checks will be made for the defaulting line either or mess up your playoff points calculations if you make playoffs.

FYI, for those that created their own default players to do this you no longer need to, but will still need to keep those default/retire players in there for this team

Edit your Team Details

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In the past we would manually edit a team’s details (division, level, etc) and now you can now edit your team’s details on your own. You will notice that the team names on top of the matches are boxed in now and captains are able to click on the “edit team” link on the top right corner.

Edit Team Link

Uh oh my lineup changed entirely… delete it!

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We have had the request from several captains for the ability to entirely delete a lineup — even after it has been posted to the team.

When you are editing a lineup, you will notice a link in the upper right hand corner stating “Delete & Start Over”. When you click this link you will get a confirmation first and after clicking “ok” you will be taken back to an empty lineup form. If you want to NOT publish a new lineup at that time, just click on the cancel button and you will be taken back to the all matches view…. then later on sometime you can create a new lineup.

Delete Lineup

Bye Week Available

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You can now create a “bye” week in the system. In the past you had to either change the number of matches that you had and just ignore the bye since it wasn’t available. Now when creating/editing your schedule you can set a match as a “bye”.

What is a bye? At times in a division their isn’t enough teams so every team gets a week off with off with no play. All the teams get a bye in the division so it doesn’t affect the scoring.

If you presently have a bye week right now and want to put it in there just edit your schedule and select “bye” in the home/away match radio selections.

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