ALTA Imports… Schedule, Division Standing & Player Verification

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All of TennisPoint’s time saving ALTA imports are working great with the ALTA new website. This includes the team Division Standings, Player Verification to ensure no lost points and an all new Schedule Import.

Schedule Import:
ALTA just released the Summer mixed schedule today (Thursday May 20th) and now it is even easier to get your ALTA schedule into TennisPoint with our Schedule Import. Simply make TennisPoint a Designee on your ALTA team, enter your ALTA Roster ID and the import grabs all the schedule details for your review and submission. It is truly quick and painless!

Wondering how to setup TennisPoint as an ALTA Designee on your team?
To create TennisPoint as a designee on your ALTA it is a quick and easy process – we actually use the exact same process as coaches use to access your team’s schedule.

As a designee it allows us to view the team schedule once it is published and import it into your TennisPoint. Plus, the great thing with it being a designee is it allows you to keep your personal ALTA username/password private and still have complete control over everything!

Division Standings
The great thing is it is VERY easy to automatically import in your division standing – purely enter your team’s settings (ie: B-3 division 4) and it will automatically pull in all your points for all teams in the division.

Player Verification
Player verification is designed to ensure you never play a player who isn’t registered on your ALTA team. Unfortunately it can be easy to forget to register a player between the original team registration date quiet period and post captains meeting when you are able to add new players. TennisPoint has to be a designee on the team for Player verification to be used as well.

TennisPoint ALTA Imports can really save more time and make using TennisPoint even better!

How do I archive off an old tennis Season?

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All of your teams are auto-archived off approximately 10 days after the LAST scheduled match… regular season or playoff date.

Yes, you can still view the team though and all the details for it… you now have a drop down at the top of the “All Matches” page which states: “Completed Seasons”. You can select any/all past matches and reference them as much as you like. The great thing is your stats are NOT archived off and stay in your Stats view season after season.

If you did happen to set some facilities in your schedule for playoffs and did NOT play them, then this date will still be used for the last day. Here is a good example:

Last Regular season match play: 5/9/2008

Playoff match date with a facility (schedule edited and place holder put in): 5/16/2008 & 5/30/2008

Your team will auto-archive 10 days AFTER the last scheduled match (5/30/2008). If you want to speed up this auto-archiving process, edit the team’s schedule and delete the playoff matches that were NOT played… then the new “last match date” is back to 5/9/2008.

Bye Week Available

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You can now create a “bye” week in the system. In the past you had to either change the number of matches that you had and just ignore the bye since it wasn’t available. Now when creating/editing your schedule you can set a match as a “bye”.

What is a bye? At times in a division their isn’t enough teams so every team gets a week off with off with no play. All the teams get a bye in the division so it doesn’t affect the scoring.

If you presently have a bye week right now and want to put it in there just edit your schedule and select “bye” in the home/away match radio selections.

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